1.5 Million Festival Fans Experience RFID Technology

ID&C, the UK based security wristband and accreditation specialist has supplied more than 1.5 million RFID wristbands to music festivals and concerts in North America during 2012.

Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo join a stellar lineup of U.S-staged events ID&C has supplied its micro-chipped wristbands to. With Live Nation’s New York-based Bamboozle kicking off the 2012 season back in May, the company has gone on to help bring RFID technology to the wrists of over a million festival goers.

ID&C’s head of RFID Steve Daly said “We’ve pioneered the use of RFID in the live event space for some time now, helping to convince organizers of the many benefits it can deliver. The U.S festival industry has been particularly adopting of the technology where a number of forward thinking festivals are really starting to explore its possibilities.”

The company, which also supplies around 95% of the major UK festivals each summer, launched its now synonymous RFID cloth wristbands in 2011 at California’s Coachella, one of the world’s most popular and highest grossing festivals.

It’s estimated that RFID technology has been used at over 30 festivals around the world in 2012, with the majority taking place in the United States.

The technology, which uses radio waves to pass information between a device and a reader, is proven to increase the security and decrease the queues at events. Festivals including Chicago’s Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits have issued RFID wristband as tickets, a method that due to the secure encryption of the RFID tag, can prevent secondary ticket sales and eradicate unwanted touts.

ID&C’s Daly concludes, “2012 will be remembered as the year RFID made its mark on the festival industry but 2013 will be the year it really takes off. Organizers are becoming familiar with how the technology can be used and we’re already speaking to festivals thinking of innovative ways to harness its capabilities.”