9 Music Festival Infographics

By Neal, First Posted on Neo Mammalian Studios, November 4, 2012

Festivals and concerts have constantly been a desired destination for music lovers. It is amazing how the fans assemble their tents just to attend the said event. So, to know more about music festivals, we collected 9 amazing music festival infographics below:


1. Summer Music Festival Wrap-Up

The infographic picks the 6 most famous music festivals all over the world.

Summer Music Festival Wrap-Up



2. The World’s Largest Music Festival

By overall attendance, Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wiscon, is the largest music festival in the world.

Largest music festival



3. The Summer of Music

An infographic made by Dashlane to analyze just how convenient and inconvenient buying concert ticket is.

INFOGRAPHIC - The Summer of Music V10

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