Festicket Aims To Make Attending Music Festivals As Easy As Booking A Package Holiday
By Steve O’hear, First Posted on TechCrunch, November 22, 2012


Festicket is a new UK startup targeting music festival goers, a market in Europe which, by some estimates, is worth £12 billion. Users browse the curated directory of music festivals and with one click can book a festival package — tickets, transport and accommodation — therefore eliminating much of the pain associated with attending festivals and potentially opening up the festival market to an even wider audience.

Founded by Zacharie Sabban (CEO) and Jonathan Younes (CTO), Festicket is trying to make attending festivals as easy as booking a package holiday. Traditionally, attending a festival — especially abroad — involves a sort of DIY approach of researching a festival, booking tickets, finding a place to stay, and arranging transport or relying on one of the more traditional niche travel/coach companies that lay on special arrangements for festivals, although these still often involve a certain amount of extra organisation, such as sourcing accommodation. This results in a lot of friction in the booking process and an itinerary that is disparate, with booking confirmations/receipts that are issued by multiple providers. Festicket consolidates this process.

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