Mixify’s Unity Digital Music Festival Celebrates Launch With Crystal Method, 3LAU, Djs From Mars

By Clyde Smith, First Posted on Hypebot, November 13, 2012

Beginning Wednesday, November 14 and continuing through Friday, November 16, Mixify presents the Unity Digital Music Festival. This three day free online EDM party features djs from around the world and celebrates the public launch of Mixify. Featuring dj listening rooms, Mixify provides a platform for both new and established djs to hold events and build their fanbase.

Mixify’s Unity Digital Music Festival kicks off tomorrow onsite at 11 am EST as a “worldwide digital music festival” representing 5 continents and over 30 djs. The lineup includes The Crystal Method, 3LAU, Djs From Mars and Adrian Lux. In addition, three Mixify “community” djs won a spot on the bill by attracting the most fans to their listening room: Stalkerloo and Basik Hertz from the U.S. and Loud Assassins from Canada.

Presenting partners include a variety of dj and electronic music blogs and sites from Electro Italia to Fist In The Air to Run The Trap. A festival poster, lineup with schedule and list of presenting partners with links to their sites can be found here.

In many respects the Unity Digital Music Festival represents not only a launch party for the Mixify dj platform but also its development to date. Mixify launched in public beta in July with a focus on connecting international EDM djs with a global audience via listening rooms. Mixify supports both emerging and established djs. In addition, Mixify is building in connection with established members of the EDM community represented in this case by the presenting partners.


DJ guydtcom Entertains a Sparse Crowd in the Wee Hours

By now the concept of the dj listening room has been well-established most notably through the rise and fall of Mixify builds on a similar approach to previous efforts with a stage for the dj and icons for the audience as seen above. Public and private chat options are available and the basic service is free to both djs and listeners.

A nice addition to the basic listening room is a selection of ever-changing visuals behind the djs. CEO and founder David Moricca was kind enough to demo the site while we discussed the project. I have to admit the graphic background constantly transforming in time with the music kept drawing me in despite my interest in learning more about the context for what was being demoed.

The shows themselves are not archived but djs have the option to record the audio and make the mixes available to listeners. They can also prerecord shows though currently 85% are livestreamed.

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